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Red Plaid 1960s Mohair Scarf
Red Plaid 1960s Mohair Scarf
Red Plaid 1960s Mohair Scarf
Red Plaid 1960s Mohair Scarf

Red Plaid 1960s Mohair Scarf

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Description: Red Plaid 1960s Mohair Scarf

Label: Ann Taylor

Made in Scotland

Era: 1950s/60s

Fabric: 100% Mohair

Condition: Excellent

Care Instructions: Hand wash or dry clean only

Features: Red, blue, and green plaid mohair textile, 1.5” fringe, stitched label from Ann Taylor Sportswear and The Blackcock Scarf

WIDTH: 10”

LENGTH: 44” excluding fringe

We measure all garments flat. ( and we double where relevant)

We recommend comparing measurements to garments you own and love to ensure a piece is right for you.

We consider condition when pricing all garments while acknowledging imperfections as part of vintage charm. If you have any further questions regarding an item, please do not hesitate to ask.

All sales are final. (Unless we have grossly misrepresented the product. In which case, please be in touch within 48 hours of delivery)

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